Time to book those awesome paint parties!  Make memories that won't be forgotten with your friends and family. 

We have a large paint studio to  accommodate your party.  Best of all, you get to paint what you want and this is for everyone. Your guests get to choose any size board that best fits their budget. We offer many price ranges to choose from.   Fundraising parties are provided as well. We host parties for all occasions 

Team building,  office parties, sports parties,  birthday parties, Bachelorette parties and so much more. You name it we will do it.

Did you know?... 

Our Wood Paint Parties are made for the unartistic.  That's right! We wanted to be able to do something that everyone could enjoy without the stress of thinking it will be a disaster .

 Friends... this isn’t your average paint party! It’s not the type where you watch an instructor and paint along with them. This is where you choose your own design for your home or maybe even a gift. We recreate the template for you to paint!!! It’s pretty awesome.

A Wood Paint Party is NOT just a group of ladies getting some time out. This is a FAMILY event. It’s for the Husband and Wife who want to personalize their home. It’s for the Friends who want to enjoy their lifelong relationship. And it’s for the Kids who want to decorate their own rooms or paint a picture for their School or Sunday School Teacher. 

So before passing on what you may consider “just another party” think again. These parties create memories that really do last a lifetime!

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